French Cars and Their Popularity in the United States

In the next few years, there will be an influx of new European car models, such as the Fiat 500 (thanks to Chrysler's current Italian affiliation). While many of these cars have a large following in the United States, US buyers are frequently denied the opportunity to buy them.

Manufacturers who have a foothold in markets around the world, such as Peugeot, Renault, Skoda and Seat all refuse to sell their vehicles in the United States, and some automakers that sell their cars here often retain the best models solely for sale in France and other parts of Europe. Which French cars would be most popular with American car buyers? This guide will list some of the most popular cars (sold only in Europe) that would be a hit in the US, but are not set for release.

Citroen C5/C5 Touring: it combines a definite French style with the build quality that the Germans are known for. This very stylish French car comes in a wagon/hatchback style, and the wagon is so roomy and rides so smoothly that it could please even the most spoiled of SUV buyers. If released in the United States, it could definitely compete on a level with Audi's popular wagons.

Peugeot 5008: It's not known how Peugeot managed to create a minivan that's both practical and stylish, but along with the 5008, the French car maker has refined the interiors of the more budget-conscious 308 and 207 hatchbacks. The quality control issues that plagued Peugeot in the past (think door handles and turn signal levers falling off) are gone for good, and Peugeot is also preparing to launch a new hybrid diesel that has a claimed 90 mpg.

Citroen C3 Picasso: This very refined multipurpose vehicle's interior is highly reminiscent of Apple's white iPod; all the controls are tactile to the point of being squishy. This French hatchback is known for its style and utility, and buyers have the option of buying the car with the same turbocharged 4-cylinder that powers the Mini Cooper S (Citroen builds the engine for a lot of its vehicles under a licensing agreement with Mini).

Like so many of Europe's auto makers, France has a long history of making quality vehicles. The makers operating in France have been able to build durable vehicles for over a hundred years, and today, they make some of the most luxurious, popular and practical vehicles on the road. French auto makers are able to create vehicles that look great and are desired by many, but because of the United States' strict safety and emissions standards, most of these great cars are not sold stateside. Though impractical, it is possible to buy a vehicle in France and import it to the United States after modifying it to meet the regulations set forth by the US Department of Transportation.